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The print shop opens at 7:30am….but I’m waiting in line at 5am because I’m afraid of the lines.

On Sunday, when I was laser cutting, I arrived at 10am. The lab didn’t open until noon, and I was already 14th in line. By the time it reached 12pm, there were more than 50 people signed up to laser cut.

Also, someone tried to steal the list and crumple it up (but we found it in a nearby trash can), probably cause they were worried they weren’t going to make the cut. 


beta designs of dating sim mc and eligible bachelors!

Oh god….;u; I want this game so bad!

I came home to find an anime wife at my doorstep thanks to Emi!!!! Scream!!! I never thought I would see such a beautiful Zelos figure!!! ;* TY sweetie!!!

Current convention line up is Fanime, Akon, Anime Expo and Otakon for the year. :)

Well, I bought a chair from Goodwill the other day that looked pretty new. 

I took it home and little tiny spiders starting crawling out of it. We cleaned it, got rid of the spiders…and I started using it as my computer chair. I noticed a curious bite on my ankle. Probably just nicked myself. 

Well, while I was editing some footage on my bed…I noticed little moving shadows. Well, now there are little tiny spiders in my blankets. I am very awake at 2:30am… 

…I think it’s time to spray this chair down. 

….Still a pretty good buy though.



Oh, you know, just taking some selfies.

Super rough WIP of Sailor Moon in that pin up style! I should probably get cracking on some male pin ups….Robin and Batman, maybe. u_u Ahh, I need a fandom desperately…

Maybe Bobby Fulbright…or FE when I finish it….

WIP of a Batgirl pinup. 

Someone recommend a fandom please. After I finish up my school/work obligations, I’d like to have something to work on. ._.
And not having a fandom has made life hard.