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Anonymous Asked:
Do you have an online listing or store for the merchandise you sell? *o* I'm looking to buy the acrylic yowapedal phone charms in particular :)

My answer:

I do not, however I take orders through email. :’) iamacoyfish at gmail dot com! 

I have Tales of Charms and Yowapeda charms for sale at the moment. If you’re interested, they’re $10 each, 3 for $25 + $3 shipping in the Cont. US. 

Anonymous Asked:
shout it from the rooftops tumblr user iamacoyfish is a dirty biker gayng banger (inconspicuous wink)

My answer:

you caught me

Anonymous Asked:
do you go to an art school?

My answer:

I attend Art Center. :’) 

I’m going back for my second year in the Fall…but I spent a year at SVA in NYC too! 

Anonymous Asked:
Are you going to be at otakon this year?

My answer:

Yes! I will be at table H03 with barleytea/emi! :) Come find us. 

I’ll have original prints of the characters I’ve designed if anyone is interested btw! 

Emi took me on a friend date to this cute little cafe. The drink tasted as delicious as it looked.

Anonymous Asked:
what program do you use for your art?

My answer:

Typically, I use a combination of Sai Paint Tool and PS CS4. :) 

Recently, I’ve been trying to teach myself Illustrator and AE. 


Earlier this week I posted about the upcoming DC Comics series Gotham Academy. That book will be written by Becky Cloonan. I think its an important book for DC and explained why in the post.

This week also saw announcements of two other series that also seem a good…

I’m so ready. 

Aw shucks!

First day of independent study! I’m pretty nervous, but go me! (Hopefully.) 

;u; lies down


You know what I like, Emi. ;)