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what have i become


Anyone interested in RPing Thor to my Loki at the moment? :| I’m going to be up all night and want some companionship. 

A moment in time shared by the Avengers at Disneyland! Caught by, I’d like to think, Phil Coulson. I’m so clever…heheh…he…heh, sob.

This was….well, actually it was pretty much as big a headache as I anticipated it would be. Disneyland has always been a place that I’ve shared with people who are really special to me, and they’ve had a large impact on my life. I got the chance to go this past Sunday, it was bunches of fun. 

Thank you Emi, Karina and Matt for sharing that experience with me!  


"I am the monster that parents tell their children about at night." 

Ever since I found out that Loki gets his mouth sewn shut in mythology, I’ve been itching to draw it. u_u I love these two so much, ugh. This will be available as a print at AM2 for those who are interested! c: 

Back to homework, cries softly.  


Thor and Loki. <3 My heart breaks for them. 

"He’s always been jealous of Thor.”

WIP of a Thor/Loki print I’m working on. Inspired by Emi’s Takato Yamamoto homages of Thor and Loki. u_u  

Avengers buttons! c:

WIP of an Avengers print. The lines are still really crude, but I’ll upload the final ones tomorrow. 

Loki and Hulk are my babies. u_u